Atlanta remains the number 1 moving destination

This came out late last week, I was just too busy to post it.  Penske’s Moving Division came out and said that Atlanta was the top destination (net inflows of moves) throughout the US for the 4th year in a row.     Indeed, with the recent corporate relocations of companies like Pulte Homes, Porsche North America, and others Atlanta remains one of THE growing Metropolises throughout the nation.     Here is the link to the article.
January, with regard to real estate listings, sales, and prices, all have been steady.   As is the normal for January business has been relatively slow.    I was of course out West for the end of December, and listed a property of mine in Washington State.   Again, not the busy to time to list or buy.      Now back, I am prepping a few new listings and working with a few clients to purchase luxury highrises.  Pretty standard stuff for January, just this year prices are up significantly from last year.  I expect this time next January, to be the same.

The big news in Midtown was that of a new luxury 35 story rental tower being pitched to the city for 6th and Peachtree.   This  current Parking lot North of the 805 Peachtree building was only zoned at about 14 stories last I had heard.    35-36 stories seems to be the number in Midtown.  Viewpoint is 36 stories tall.  1010 is 35 stories tall.  This rental building would be another in this height range.     Here is the link that Curbed Atlanta broke a few days ago.
I am busy, slowly but surely putting together a basic, Atlanta Dining,drinking and nightlife guide for 2013.    Look for it in the next week or so.




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