Do you know the 12 questions to ask a HOA when Buying into a Condo or Loft?

So lets say that you have found yourself compelled to purchase a condo.   A new unit or a resale, either way it is important to understand the Condo Association that you are buying into.

As a landlord and highrise condo owner myself, I deal with wide swath of HOA issues ranging from better properties which work to build reserves and lower energy costs in common areas, all the way down to more down downtrodden properties where communal central water bills can create large issues including extra assessments.

For my clients I offer twelve telling questions which should always be asked of the HOA Property Manager to better gauge the health of the community and its reserves.   My clients benefit since I have closed (buy/sell)  nearly 100 condos over the past three years.    I am not going to say I have seen it all, but I have seen more than most agents.   This coupled with the fact that my invest firm owns many condo rentals helps ensure that when working with ATL Condo Deals your interests will be protected and you will given clearer look at what to expect with the particular Condo Association you are buying into.

Issues ranging from current and future rental capabilities, current and future resale financing options the building qualifies for, as of course issues pertaining to monthly and any one time HOA fees are just a couple of the topics my twelve questions cover.

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