2016. Urban Single Family and Condominums continue to out pace the suburbs.

This was a good article from last week on the relative appreciation of City vs. Suburb.     In Atlanta, this also proved to be the case.   Another interesting tid bit that this article points out, is that this growth in Urban is driven by higher prices per square foot, not by building larger homes.     Which makes sense as one can imagine that even in Atlanta, land in Midtown, Inman Park or say the Old 4th Ward is getting harder and harder to come by.

As 2016 starts demand continues to outstrip the limited supply in the Atlanta condo market.    Low interest rates continue to fuel the fire.  I have a long list of people who are seeking new condo developments, which up until now have been scarce and basically reserved for $1 million plus unit luxury developments.    As this year progresses, I am hopefully that developers and the banks which fund them may consider moving off of the luxury apartment market and look towards the highrise condo market which still should be highly profitable in the $400-500 per foot range.
See the article below on trends Urban vs. Suburban as well as the accompanying data points by city.



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