The Uberization of money, a great article from last weekend

This was a great article from over the weekend denoting the further gains from software that financial transactions, including Real Estate, are evolving towards.     As one considers the moves in Software through other industries it is important to look at the current Real Estate model and how it has yet to evolve at the same pace.

In September I was one twenty Brokers selected by in the Atlanta market for a focus group on trends, needs and interests for Real Estate professionals.      In this focus group, I raised the issue from a more macro perspective that the current MLS model is broken and that the fragmented nature of having so many regional MLS services nationwide (two in Metro Atlanta) is dated and is in need of change.   I half joked, that in a few more years, with a greater grip on regional power brokers zillow could be in a place to supersede these regional monopolies.

Sure, this would not be easy.     It would also likely take a partnership with Realtor, one or two of the big brokerages like Century 21, Keller Williams, ReMax, ect but it is something to look out for.      The article below outlines how fast the next moves in software as they pertain to finance and Real Estate will happen.    A fun read for sure.

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