Half of 2013 is just about in! The market remains very robust!

So June is well under way, and I am happy to say my firm already has over 3 million in deals closed this year by the end of June.     My clients have been able to receive the best of the best in terms of Highrise, Midrise, Loft and Investment values this year.      When seeking a Condo for sale in Atlanta GA, there is nowhere else to turn.


Interestingly, as I was surfing last night I noticed a new Real Estate site.   There are in fact many in the past few years that attempt to rank firms, brokers and agents and apply various degrees of analytics.      As many of you know I rank as one of the highly touted agents on sites like zillow.com, neighborcity.com, and others.   Well there was a new one I discovered last night.  On this one it ranked Andrew Doyle as a top 1% of all Agents in Atlanta over the past three years.      In Atlanta Condos it gave Andrew Doyle a ranking even better, at the top 1/3 of 1%.    I am kind of curious who, if anyone, did better than that?

It is an interesting site to check out.   It really seems to be a valid attempt to try to add valid metrics to an industry that all too often relies on old antiquated networks, and staid brand names.



As I type this I have just finished packing.    In the morning I am taking off on a two week excursion to Istanbul, the Bulgarian Black Sea, and Romania.    Nevertheless, my current clients are in good hands.     The lender I use is top notch and well versed in condos.   My Real Estate attorney has performed over 8,000 Real Estate closings.    Indeed, in my absence anyone who works with my has an arsenal of professionals, tradesmen and knowledge at their disposal.      As with my normal vacation, I will be checking email periodically.


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