Parc Vue

This is an older building that was converted from rental units to a condo over the course of the past 6 years.   It is within oly a few blocks of Piedmont Park which is great.     It has basically sold out now and the pricing is considered very attractive with 1 bedrooms starting in the low $100k range and 2 bedrooms often coming in below $200k.     High HOA fees for 2012 to raise capital reserves have helped push prices down.   A 1 bedroom for this year has around a $500 HOA fee and a 2 bedroom has around an $800 HOA fee.    Next year’s monthly fees should go down.

In general older buildings like this one need more maintenance and need to reserve more dollars for future issues.  one of the advantages of buying in a newer building, much like purchasing a newer home, is that there is less maintenance.   Something to keep in mind as one looks at building options, including cheaper units like at Parc Vue.

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