Cornerstone Village great value right on Peachtree

This is a very central location and the price is right.    There are three buildings here, and one is an original early 20th century loft.   The remaining two are much more reminiscent of a late 2000s better apartment complex.    I have worked with one client to purchase a foreclosure here.    I have also listed a property here and it was one of the few condos I could not sell.

The building had a rather large assessment a few years ago to cover a restructuring of the parking garage.   I do not know the exact figure but I believe it was around $10,000 for a 1 bedroom and $20,000.   Many people who did not have that kind of change sitting around took on payment plans.   These payment plans run through 2018 and survive any foreclosure or short sale, let alone any normal transaction.    With 1 bedrooms  in the $80,000-130,000 range, and two bedrooms in the $169,900-$239,900 range for the largest near 1700 square foot unit these condos make sense for Tech students, and those seeking a great price per square foot.   If we can find one without the ongoing assessment then even better.

The things I like about Cornerstone in addition to the price are the location since it is right next to what is really the main watering hole in Midtown Cypress Street Pint and Plate which I really would not call a gastropub, but rather a mildly upscale neighborhood bar.   In addition to that this building rocks a Peachtree address which is nice.   There is a certain degree of cache for having a Peachtree address.

If you are seeking a deal on a Cornerstone Village Loft, do not delay.   Contact me.

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