Park Central

This is a large (in terms of number of units) highrise in Midtown.   For those seeking a good value, perhaps not all of the glitz of the newer glass buildings, this can be a great value.  Converted to condos in 1999 2 bedrooms of around 1000 square feet to 1150 square feet list for $199,900 to around $229,900.      Being on Juniper, and just 1 block from Piedmont Park makes these highly desirable in terms of riding the Macro Midtown Condo wave higher.

Units here are basically the only highrise 2 bedrooms that can be found between 4th and 15th street below $220,000.     Given that stat it is like buying one of the cheaper homes in a nice neighborhood, it enables you to ride the market on the way up without having as much invested.   At the very least it can easily enable a monthly mortgage+HOA payment for a 2 bedroom for far less than what a 1 bedroom would cost to lease.


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