Terraces At Peachtree

This is a great value right on Peachtree.  This building was built in 1997 and offers tremendous values in terms of both 1 bedrooms and 2 bedrooms.     1 bedrooms start around $80,000 and 2 bedrooms start around $140,000.   This building offers a nice lobby, club room, small fitness center and a great pool with lots of chairs and  social areas around it.

This building is perfect for a college student at GSU, Tech, Emory, or SCAD who is seeking moderately nice accommodations at an affordable price.     HOA fees clock in at around 30 cents a square foot which is pretty affordable.    Even more so since they seem to include cable, water, and garbage.

Since there seems to be less and less of the glass highrises around, and the ones that are available are increasing in price, more of my clients are starting to consider an option like this.   This is a building which is less than 20 years old and is likely not in need of any dire repairs anytime soon.     Overall, considering this 1 block from luxury buildings like The Astoria and The Aramore I feel this hidden gem is worth point out.


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