Midtown Condo 2 bedroom prices moving up

Ok, so I was looking on the Real Estate system today (August 17, 21012) and noticed something of interest.      There were no true 1100 sq ft+ 2 bedroom glass condos on the market for less than $300k.   This is a first I have seen this since 2009.    In the Fall of 2008 it was nearly impossible to find a true 2 bedroom for under $300k at any of the glass Midtown buildings namely – Viewpoint, Spire, 1010, Plaza Midtown, Luxe, Aqua, and Metropolis.       It seems that this month we have recently started to see this play out again.   There are NO 2 bedrooms under $300k on the market.      Usually when I look I may see one at Spire and would see a couple at Metropolis, and maybe one at Plaza Midtown.   Not this month.
The market continues to move higher as no new condo developments are being created (and won’t be for years) and as people have a strong desire to live in the city and be a part of what Midtown is transforming into.
I was busy taking calls from various agents seeking to show my listings today.   I told them flat-out that my Viewpoint small 2/2 at $271,900 is like the only game in town when it comes to 2 bedrooms under $300k.   it is only like 975 sq ft, so not a true 1100 sq ft+ two bedroom, but it offers and incredible value.    Also my listing at 75 Ponce De Leon, The Ponce at $169,900 is one of the few 2 bedroom, 2 bath condos under $200k.   Another unit that will not last long!   HGTV (they contact me from time to time) is shooting that listing for their TV show Property Virgins on Sunday.      Much like the Viewpoint unit mentioned above, it will not last!   If you are still on the sidelines it is time to get in the game, contact me today!


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