This building, completed in late 2005, is a precursor to Viewpoint. I liken it to the stepbrother of Viewpoint. As for the amenities, the gym and pool are lacking compared to Viewpoint.    The pool is on a lower floor, and has a tall gate around it.    The gym has everything you need in terms of cardio and weight training equipment, but it loses points for being compartmentalized as opposed to an open space like Viewpoint, 1010, or Metropolis.    The clubroom (though a tad smaller), theater, and views are just as nice as Viewpoint though.   The good news is that this building is still one of the nicest in Midtown and it sells at about a 10-15% discount to Viewpoint.

As for the units themselves, many of the 1 bedrooms are markedly smaller in the building.  That said, a couple of the corner 2 bedroom units here are very popular and spacious. Small one-bedrooms can sometimes be found for $130K-$150K as short sales.   Over the past few years there have been many short sales within this range but now even those have dried up.     Today (August 26, 2012) as I type this a Freddie Mac foreclosure was just listed.    It is the largest 1 bedroom floorplan in the building and is on the 27th floor near the top of the building.     At $178,500 for a 877 square foot unit on a highfloor I expect it to be under contract quickly.   Regular for sale One-bedrooms typically run $175K-$209K. Two-bedrooms currently are starting at $289,900 for a 21st floor corner unit in real nice condition with great views of Georgia Tech, NW, and Upper Midtown.  One of my clients currently has the 24th floor unit of this floorplan under contract to purchase.

I currently have a listing of the largest two-bedroom corner unit of nearly 1400 square feet. It is shown in my listings below and is listed at $365k.    The 8th floor and the 11th floor of this floorplan are also available.  There is a three-bedroom unit here currently listed at $529,900 for 1875 square feet, I have not seen it in person yet, but the pictures look nice.

This is a building to check for foreclosures of smaller studios and smaller one-bedrooms in the low $100K range. These units of about 600-650 square feet come on the market and move fast. While not as common here anymore, there still are some from time to time. Overall this building does seem to have recovered in terms of not as many foreclosures and short sales. Prices have started to firm up here, and now many one-bedroom and two-bedroom listing prices here resemble those of Viewpoint, even though Viewpoint is a vastly superior product by a number of measurements.


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